Our treatments


About 15 % of all couples of fertile age are infertile. The cause of infertility may be found in the woman, in the man or in both at the same time. Sometimes involuntary infertility is inexplicable.

The objectives of our medical services are to examine, help and treat infertile couples. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is our specialty.

Our fertility services include:

  • fertility testing and infertility work-up procedure
  • ovulation stimulation
  • assisted reproduction
  • egg and sperm donation program
  • counselling

Our knowledge in combination with our experience enable us to recommend the most suitable individual treatment.

Fertility testing and infertility work-up procedures

Infertility can be caused by several different things. When a person ha tried to achieve pregnancy for approximately one year (or six months if the woman is older than 35), it is a good idea to investigate the reasons. The first step is to do an infertility work-up procedure / fertility testing.

During a work-up procedure, among other things, the woman’s egg reserve is measured and analyzed. The quality and motility of the sperm is also examined. Thereafter the most suitable treatment method for best possible result  is presented to and discussed with the couple. The age of the woman, how long the infertility has been known as well as the factors behind the infertility are taken into consideration. Women under 30 years old usually still have a good chance of becoming pregnant while women who are closer to 40 are short on time.

Individual treatment means always considering the unique needs and desires of every couple when choosing treatment method. All of Livio’s clinics perform work-up procedures. You may also go to your gynaecologist to do a fertility examination. A fertility examination takes 2-4 weeks.